Publishing rules

The preparation of the research paper must correspond to the following requirements:
- the text volume is 10-15 pages A4 (the excess of the given volume is allowed only by decision of the Editorial Board);
- the margins of the page (left, right, top, bottom) - 2 cm.
- type-size - 14;
- line-to-line spacing - sesquialteral;
- paragraph indention - 1,25 cm;
- links to the used sources are made out in accordance with GOST-R 7.0.5-2008 in square brackets where the number of a link in the bibliography cited is specified, the comma is put and the page is specified;
- the bibliography cited on which in the research paper the links are made is executed in accordance with GOST 7.1-2003
Documents enclosed to the research paper:
- an application addressed to the Editor-in-Chief  on the research paper publishing ;
- extract from the meeting of the corresponding department (laboratory) with the recommendation for the research paper publishing in the open access, sealed by the educational institution;
- the review of a person with an academic degree or rank in the specialty corresponding to the subject of the research (for people who don't have an academic degree), with a volume not more than 2 pages (type - Times New Roman, type-size - 14, line-to-line spacing - 1,5)
In a research paper which is referred to the Editorial Board apart from the main text there has to be given the following data in English:
- authors’ family name, first name, patronymic name (entirely);
- the place of work of each author in a subjunctive case, post;
- scientific degree, academic title; honorary title;
- contact information (legal address of the place of work, telephone number, e-mail);
- the heading’s name of the journal, where a research paper is referred to;
- annotation;
- keywords. Each keyword or key phrase is separated one from another by comma or semicolon;
- UDC class number;
A research paper must be proofread and signed by the author (by all authors).
Research papers and enclosed documents have to be given to the Editorial Board with the identical content both in paper and electronic form.
The documents in a paper form are given personally or by post on the address: 283054, Donetsk People’s Republic, Donetsk, Zasyad'ko Avenue, the Editorial Board of the journal «The Law in the Donetsk People’s Republic».
Documents in electronic form are sent to the e-mail address:
Manuscripts and storage devices with electronic versions both published and unpublished materials are not returned.
The payment for publishing of research papers in the journal is not charged.
For getting author’s copy of the journal it is necessary to turn to the Editorial Board.
Sample of research paper’s typography